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Getting There  
The region of Lamayuru can be reached easily though buses, trains or flights. The region is located in the Kargil district, at a distance of around 107 kilometres from the town of Kargil, and it lies at a distance of around 125 kilometres from Leh.

Lamayuru By Air
The nearest working airport is in Leh. This airport will have flights from the cities of Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu and even Pune. This is a very good way to reach the town of Lamayuru, as buses and cabs can be taken from the airport in Leh to Lamayuru. Flight fares to Leh from locations like Delhi will cost around 2,900 INR to 3,100 INR and fares from places like Jammu will cost around Rs 6,300 to Rs 1,3000.

Lamayuru By Train (Nearest station Jammu)
Lamayuru does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Jammu, at a distance of 250 kms from Lamayuru

Lamayuru By Bus
You can take buses from Leh or Kargil directly to the region of Lamayuru. Buses in these region will predominantly be government run, and they will charge fares lesser than or around Rs 60. Direct tourist buses from Srinagar will also be available for the entire region, as Lamayuru will fall under sightseeing places near Leh. Travelling through buses can be uncomfortable, so it is better to ensure that you are comfortable travelling such long distances through bus first.
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